National Broadband: FCC Public Notice Native Nations Broadband Task Force Taking Applications Now

by DigitalDynamo on June 4, 2010

The FCC’s Public Notice is taking currently taking

application regarding the National Broadband Plan as

it pertains to the Digital Divide. The task force is

the Native Nations Broadband Task force. Following is

a except from the public notice. For more detail

information and application details click on:
FCC-Native Nations Broadband Task Force

“DA 10-1008 Released: June 2, 2010




In this Public Notice, the Federal Communications

Commission (“Commission”) seeks applications for

membership on the FCC-Native Nations Broadband Task

Force (“Task Force”). The Task Force will assist the

Commission in fulfilling its commitment to increasing

broadband deployment and adoption on Tribal lands. The

Task Force will be responsible for, among other

things, assisting in developing and executing a

Commission consultation policy, eliciting input from

Native American governments, ensuring that Native

American concerns are considered in all Commission

proceedings related to broadband, developing

additional recommendations for promoting broadband

deployment and adoption on Tribal lands, and

coordinating with external entities, including other

Federal departments and agencies.

The Task Force will be comprised of senior Commission

staff and elected leaders from Federally-recognized

Native American governments or governmental entities

(or their designated employees). As with other

Commission advisory committees and joint boards, the

Chairman of the Commission will appoint the members

and designate a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman for the

Task Force. In addition, the Chairman of the

Commission may appoint members to fill vacancies and

may replace a member at his discretion. The Chairman

of the Commission will designate either himself or

another Commissioner to oversee the activities of the

Task Force and serve as a liaison between the Task

Force and the Commission.

Applicants should be willing to commit to a two-year

term of service, which requires participation, either

in person or by teleconference, in the meetings of the

Task Force. It is anticipated that most meetings will

take place in Washington, D.C. Attendance in person

will be at the applicant’s own expense. Members will

also have an initial and continuing obligation to

disclose any interests in, or connections to, persons

or entities who are or will be regulated by, or who

have interests before, the Commission.


The application for appointment to the Task Force does

not require a particular format; however, it should

include the following information: (1) name and

position of the applicant with respect to a particular

Native American government; (2) telephone number; (3)

mailing address or e-mail address; (4) brief

description of the applicant’s area of expertise and

qualifications to serve on the Task Force; and (5) in

the case of a person seeking to serve as a “designated

employee,” the name of the elected officer for whom

the employee would be acting and a copy of the

officer’s designation letter.


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